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Party: Zehut (Identity)
Leader:  Moshe Feiglin
Alignment: Right
Slogan: To be a free Jew. | להיות יהודי חופשי
Website: Zehut.org.il

Zehut is a party founded by ex-Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin. The party states that a struggle for Israel's identity is taking place at present in Israel. The party intends to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israelis, reconnecting them to their land and values. Zehut calls for a state in which government involvement in the lives of citizens is minimized and that is based on family values and an open economy. It believes that the entire Land of Israel should come under Israeli sovereignty including the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Although the party is led by an Orthodox man and support is likely to come from Modern Orthodox citizens, it holds a libertarian view of the role of the Rabbinate in Israel and desires to greatly reduce its role. Finally, the party calls for the legalization of cannabis. 



A small party based on the personality of its leader but that has an expansive platform that touches many of the key issues debated in Israel today.


To strengthen the authentic Jewish identity of Israelis and thereby allowing them to be more connected to their land, and more outspoken about the goal of creating a modern and model society. Along the way, Zehut sees the need to address many of the issues that have impacted Israel for decades.


Moshe Feiglin has assembled an eclectic slate of candidates, drafted an expansive and detailed platform (which calls for legalized cannabis) and tapped into a large base of independent-minded Israelis to potentially secure for Zehut upwards of 6 Knesset seats, according to the polls.