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Party: Yahadut HaTorah (United Torah Judaism)
Leader:  Yaakov Litzman
Alignment: Right
Slogan: Concerned with Your Rights | חרדים לזכויות שלך
Website: None

Yahadut HaTorah is an ultra-Orthodox religious party representing mainly Ashkenazi Jews who maintain an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle. It has 6 seats in the current Knesset. The party is made up of two smaller parties, Agudat Israel and Degel HaTorah, which have run together for the Knesset since 1992. The party wants to maintain a status quo relationship in regard to religion-and-state issues whereby the rabbinate is controlled by the ultra-Orthodox. The party has been in both centrist and right-wing governments but leans to the right.  The party is uncomfortable with the notion of secular Jewish state and those associated with the party have spoken out against the secular Jewish lifestyle that many Israelis live. As such, the party openly favors a government under the Likud as Blue White is seen as harboring anti-Orthodox views. Yahadut HaTorah garnered 8 Knesset seats in the April 2019 election.



An established religious party with a natural constituent base. The party wants to safeguard the status-quo of issues pertaining to religion in Israel, chief among them maintaining control of the Israeli rabbinate. 


To represent interests of the ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi Jewish community, maintain government support for aligned educational institutions as well as control of the rabbinate.


The party's natural constituent base will ensure that it maintains a similar number of Knesset seats as it currently holds.