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Party: Yachad (Collectively)
Leader:  Eli Yishai
Alignment: Right
Slogan: Action, Integrity, Modesty, in Accordance with the Torah
Website: ElieYshay.com

Party Has Dropped Out of Elections

Eli Yishai is a veteran politician who was once the leader of the Sephardic ultra-orthodox religious party, Shas. He gained that position when Shas leader Aryeh Deri was sent to prison on bribery charges and had to remain out of politics for 10 years after his sentence was served. In 2013, Deri was able to re-enter politics and was reinstated as the leader of Shas.  Yishai created the Yachad party shortly thereafter and it narrowly missed entering the Knesset in 2015. Yachad is running on a socially-oriented platform that includes reducing municipal taxes and sales taxes as well as increasing financial assistance for families with a large number of children and for those with disabilities.



A small party based on the personality of its leader that maintains a social-oriented platform of tax breaks and increased financial assistance to those in need. 


To lower taxes on food items, lower municipal taxes and increase financial assistance to weaker elements of the population.


Despite almost entering the Knesset in 2015 when it was combined with an extreme right-wing party, Yachad today has little chance of entering the Knesset. Its social platform is similar to that of other larger parties, and most ultra-orthodox will support a more established religious party.