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Party: Zedek LeKol (Justice for All)
Leader:  Yakov (Kobi) Kasdi
Alignment: Non-Aligned 
Slogan: The Time Has Come  | כי הגיעה העת
Website: Justice4All.co.il

Zedek LeKol (Justice for All) is a party primarily focused on protecting animal rights. The party holds that the earth was given to all its creatures, regardless of type. Nevertheless, humans are systematically destroying billions of animals each year and there is no more urgent issue than stopping this destruction of individual souls.  Goals include: To promote animal rights in legislation and enforcement; educating children to love and have compassion for all creatures; increasing awareness of the rights of animals and their importance; increase awareness of the benefits of consuming plant foods; and fight to save the environment from the animal industries which are the leading factor in the damage and depletion of the earth's resources. The party also intends to fight for the rights of the disenfranchised citizens such as the elderly and disabled. 



Small grass-roots party committed to bringing the issue of animal rights into the general public's awareness.


The party believes that there can be no effective struggle for animal rights without representation in the legislature. Other political party's platforms either exclude animal rights or include it as an afterthought. The parties that may include it are usually left-leaning which drives away centrist and right-wing supporters. For this reason the Zedek LeKol is running as a non-aligned party that will unite all those who want to fight for animal rights.


The party is a unique single-issue party with clear objectives and goals pertaining to the cause of animal rights. However, it has little chance entering the Knesset.