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Party: Zedek Chevrati (Social Justice)
Leader:  Gad Haran
Alignment: Centrist 
Slogan: Putting the 'Little Citizen' on the Map  | שמים על המפה האזרח הקטן
Website: ZedekHevrati.co.il

Zedek Chervati (Social Justice) is a party dedicated to renewing the alliance between the state and its citizens. It holds that it is the state's responsibility to provide quality services to the residents, reduce social gaps and deal with other long-neglected issues.  The party's social agenda includes highly subsidized academic education, a higher minimum wage, lower housing costs, and higher social security payments to the elderly and the disabled. 



Small party based on a grass-roots movement that lobbies for improved conditions for 'regular citizens' who feel disenfranchised.


To bring a social agenda to the foreground of Israeli politics. Specifically, creation of public and affordable housing options, a higher minimum wage as well as higher social security payouts to the elderly and disabled. Will expand tax base by closing loopholes benefiting large corporations. Also wants term limits of 8 years for government ministers and mayors and to prohibit members of the government from being Members of Knesset to separate executive and legislative branches.


The party has little chance of gaining a seat in the Knesset. While the party's platform is rather detailed it will have difficulty gaining attention with so many other similar centrist parties.