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Other Parties

Aside from the parties appearing on the home page, the parties listed below are also running for the Knesset. Many do not have a a realistic chance of passing the electoral threshold of garnering 3.25% of the votes cast and entering the Knesset.

Da'am - Green Economy, One State

Leader: Yoav Gal Tamir | Website
Platform:  Daam is a strongly left-wing Jewish–Arab political party which calls for political and social revolution in favor of workers' rights, the nationalization of key industries, Jewish–Arab coexistence, and gender equality.  In advance of the September 2019 elections, Da'am has added to its platform a call for a "Green New Deal" and believes in one democratic state, for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Democraturah - Social Democratic Party 

Leader: Doron HaKimi | Website
Platform:  Party calls for a new constitution for the State of Israel, to change the electoral system to direct election of the Prime Minister as well as term limits. 

HaAchdut HaAmmamit - The Popular Union 

Leader: Samiach Ibrahim | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The Popular Union Party was formed to fill the void left by the Arab parties that make up the new joint Arab list. The party intends to work collaboratively for Arab society in Israel, to develop the economy, industrial areas, health services, infrastructure, education and deal with issues of violence in the community.

HaGush HaTanachi - The Bible Bloc

Leader: Dennis Lipkin  | Website
Platform:  The Bible Bloc bases its principles on the promises of the Bible and the sanctity of the Bible to both Jews and Christians. The party believes in the integrity of the homeland and opposes any territorial concessions.  It will work to strengthen Israel by establishing a program to improve public relations throughout the world, and Jewish and Christian spokespeople will be asked to improve Israel's image in the world and protect Western democracy.The Bible Bloc party, aims to prepare Israel for mass immigration of American Jews to Israel. 

HaPiratim - The Pirates

Leader: Noam Kuzar | Website
Platform: Farcical party meant to poke fun at governmental system.

HaTnuah HaNotzrit HaLiberalit - The Christian Liberal Movement

Leader: Bishara Shalian | Website
Platform:  Led by a Christian Arab, this party declares its loyalty to Israel and has a Jewish-Arab slate that supports equality on the basis of the Declaration of Independence, freedom of religious worship and investment in education and sports.

HaYamin HaChiloni - The Secular Right

Leader: Avital Ofek | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The mayor of Tiberias, Ron Kobi, set up the party with the goal of becoming the interior minister. In its campaign, the party is expected to attack the ultra-Orthodox parties as well as Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beiteinu party.

Kavod HaAdam - Human Dignity

Leader: Arkadi Fugitz | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The party promotes the idea of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state which should live in in security, will work to ensure that the majority of the Jewish people to live in Israel within the foreseeable future, supports a free economy and wants to reduce social and economic gaps in Israeli society.

Kavod VeShivion - Respect and Equality

Leader: Mahmed Alsaid | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  Formed in 2016, this party is only now facing its first election. According to its founder, the party was formed as a result of the failure of existing Arab political parties to successfully address the needs of Arab citizens. 

KM"H Party - Promoting the Rights of the Individual

Leader: Dorit Biran | Website
Platform:  A unique party consisting of spouses of the detained religious sect leader and convicted polygamist, Daniel Ambash. About half of the party six members are the spouses of Ambash, who is serving a 26-year prison sentence for sexual abuse. The party holds that the state should not interfere with the individual's personal choices, as long as no one else is harmed. It also wants to change of the legal system to that of a jury of peers and to place limits on the powers of welfare workers. 

Kol Yisrael Achim - All Israel are Brothers

Leader: Aleli Adamsu | Website
Platform:  Supports the strengthening of the status of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in party by encouraging Israel to help Jews from the Diaspora immigrate to Israel and assist in their integration into society. It also focuses on bringing equality and social justice to Israeli society, especially for disadvantaged populations in the areas of housing, employment, education, economics, welfare, religion, heritage and tradition.

Manhigoot Chevratit - Social Leadership

Leader: Ilan Mashicha | Website
Platform:  A small party that has run under different names in previous elections with a general platform; they have yet to enter the Knesset.

Mitkademet - Liberal Democratic Progressive Party

Leader: Oleg Radko | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The party's main emphasis is on issues of religion and state. The party seeks to draft and adopt a constitution and to make more use of the possibility of a referendum in the political system.

Noam - Pleasantness - Dropped Out of Election

Leader: Rabbi Dror Aryeh | Website
Platform:  A right-wing religoius political party, established in July 2019 to advance traditional family values and roll back LGBT rights.

Otzma Calcalit - Economic Power

Leader: Amir Dorot | Website
Platform:  Formed to give voice to the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized businesses in Israel. This is the first time the party is running for elections. The party is made of professionals from various sectors.

Otzma Yehudit - Jewish Power

Leader: Itamar Ben-Gvir | Website
Platform:  An unabashedly right-wing party that in the April 2019 elections ran together in the Union of Right Wing Parties. After that election, the union disintegrated and the party will now run alone with the goal of advancing policies of Jewish nationalism, further integration of Jewish law into the legal system and an uncompromising war on the enemies of Israel.

Red White - For the Legalization of Cannabis

Leader: Zauda Abai | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  A new party with a clear agenda - legal pot.  This point was driven home when the party leader presented his party's credential to the Chair of the Knesset Election Committee and then handed out joints to photographers and journalists. 

Seder Chadash - A New Order

Leader: Avital Ofek | Website
Platform:  Party seeking to change Israel's electoral system to direct election of Knesset members instead of the current party system. 

Tzafon - North

Leader: Idan Lev Ran | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The party's goal is to strengthen Israel's north and address the region's long-standing problems, including unemployment, a collapsing public health system, and an inadequate transportation system.

Tzedek - Justice

Leader: Avi Yelau | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The Justice Party consists of social activists as well as intellectuals and academics from all over the country who work to promote social values and fight for justice and equality. The party is led by one of the leaders of the protests for equality and justice for Ethiopian Israelis.

Tzomet - Junction

Leader: Oren Hazan | Website
Platform:  Old, nearly defunct party resurrected by flamboyant former Likud Knesset member, Oren Hazan.

Zechuyoteinu BeKolenu - Our Rights Are Our Voices

Leader: Gil Roter  | Website
Platform:  Improve the status and conditions of employment of the those employed in law enforcement and strengthening the legal system so that the rule of law and public order is achieved.