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Party: Kachol Lavan (Blue White)
Leader:  Benny Gantz & Yair Lapid
Alignment: Center
Slogan: Israel, Before All Else | ישראל לפני הכל
Website: KacholLavan.org.il

The Kachol Lavan party was formed in advance of the April 2019 elections and is a merger between three parties, includnig Israel Resilience led by former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, Telem led by former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon) and Yair Lapid's 7 year-old Yesh Atid party. Yesh Atid, which is the only party of the three that had representation in the Knesset before the April elections (11 seats), seeks centrist Israeli voters associated with the secular Israeli middle class.  In order to reach the merger agreement, Gantz and Lapid agreed to rotating as leaders should they win the election. Gantz would serve as Prime Minister for the first two years with Lapid as Foreign Minister and Moshe Ya'alon as Defense Minister. For the next two years, Lapid would be Prime Minister and Gantz would replace Ya'alon as Defense Minister. 

In the April 2019 elections, Blue White came tantalizingly close to unseating Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ruling Likud government by garnering 35 Knesset seats, the same as Likud.  



Party expects to attract centrist voters given Gantz's security background and Lapid's Knesset experience.


Seeks to strengthen the larger settlement blocs and maintain openness towards a future political settlement. 


Would push for all Israelis, including ultra-Orthodox, to learn essential secular subjects. 


Revive the peace process. Hold regional confab w/Arab nations & intensify process of separation from Palestinians.


A united Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capital city. 


Wants ultra-Orthodox & minorities to do national service and to join the workforce thereafter.  


Lower the cost of living, support small businesses, fight red tape, and strengthen the middle class.


Support more egalitarian control of religious life within Israel by funding non-Orthodox movements


Poses significant challenge to Likud. Creating a coalition will be tough as they will not include ultra-Orthodox.