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Other Parties

Aside from the parties appearing on the home page, the parties listed below are also running for the Knesset. Many do not have a a realistic chance of passing the electoral threshold of garnering 3.25% of the votes cast and entering the Knesset.

Achrayoot LeMeyasdim - Responsibility to the Founders

Leader: Chaim Dayan | Website
Platform:  Calls on the state to take responsibility for senior citizens to ensure their rights.

Ani VeAta - You & I

Leader: Alon Giladi | Website
Platform:  A centrist, social-democratic, liberal-democratic and Zionist party that calls itself the "party of the Jewish People."

Betach - Social Security

Leader: Semion Grafman | Website
Platform:  Led by a Russian-Israeli convicted of money laundering and who spent a year in US Federal prison, Betach intends to help ordinary Israelis fight bureaucracy, improve education and social welfare, equalize the responsibilities of citizenship and fight corruption. 

Brit Olam - Eternal Covenant

Leader: Ofer Lifshitz | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  One man party seeking to change Israel's electoral system to direct election of Knesset members instead of the current party system. 

Chinuch - Education

Leader: Adir Zaltzer | Website
Platform:  Supports the promotion of investment in education for Israeli children.

Da'am - Worker's Party

Leader: Yoav Gal Tamir | Website
Platform:  Daam is a strongly left-wing Jewish–Arab political party which calls for political and social revolution in favor of workers' rights, the nationalization of key industries, Jewish–Arab coexistence, and gender equality.

Eretz Yisrael Shelanu - The Land of Israel is Ours

Leader: Raphael Levengrund | Website
Platform:    Party established by father of woman murdered by a terrorist in 2018. Intends to help those not represented by the larger parties, including the elderly, families who have lost loved ones in wars and terror attacks and citizens living in Israel’s outlying areas.

HaGush HaTanachi - The Bible Bloc

Leader: Dennis Lipkin  | Website
Platform:  The Bible Bloc bases its principles on the promises of the Bible and the sanctity of the Bible to both Jews and Christians. The party believes in the integrity of the homeland and opposes any territorial concessions.  It will work to strengthen Israel by establishing a program to improve public relations throughout the world, and Jewish and Christian spokespeople will be asked to improve Israel's image in the world and protect Western democracy.The Bible Bloc party, aims to prepare Israel for mass immigration of American Jews to Israel. 

HaPiratim - The Pirates

Leader: Noam Kuzar | Website
Platform: Farcical party meant to poke fun at governmental system.

HaReshima HaAravit -The Arab List

Leader:  Mohammed Kanaan | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  Nationalist Arab party focusing on the rights and concerns of the Arabs community.

HaTikva LeShinui - Hope for Change

Leader: Raami Mahmid  | Website
Platform:  The party's goals are to bring full equality to Israeli Arabs and to integrate them into society and state institutions. The party also supports the strengthening of the status of women and political negotiations with the Palestinians. The party has run in elections twice before; with their best showing was in 2015 when they garnered 1519 votes.

HaTzionut HaChadasha - The New Zionism

Leader: Benyamin Unger
Dropped Out of Elections

Ichud Bnei HaBrit - Union of the Allies

Leader: Bishara Shalian | Website
Platform:  Led by a Christian Arab, this party declares its loyalty to Israel and has a Jewish-Arab slate that supports equality on the basis of the Declaration of Independence, freedom of religious worship and investment in education and sports.

Kevod HaAdam - Human Dignity

Leader: Arkadi Fugitz | Listing on Election Committee Page
Platform:  The party promotes the idea of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state which should live in in security, will work to ensure that the majority of the Jewish people to live in Israel within the foreseeable future, supports a free economy and wants to reduce social and economic gaps in Israeli society.

Kol Yisrael Achim - All Israel are Brothers

Leader: Aleli Adamsu | Website
Platform:  Supports the strengthening of the status of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in party by encouraging Israel to help Jews from the Diaspora immigrate to Israel and assist in their integration into society. It also focuses on bringing equality and social justice to Israeli society, especially for disadvantaged populations in the areas of housing, employment, education, economics, welfare, religion, heritage and tradition.

Manhigoot Chevratit - Social Leadership

Leader: Ilan Mashicha | Website
Platform:  A small party that has run under different names in previous elections with a general platform; they have yet to enter the Knesset.

Mifleget HaReforma - Reform Party

Leader: Kashua Abd Al-Salam 
Dropped Out of Elections

MeHatchala - New Start

Leader: David Erez Einav | Website
Platform:  Focused on improving social services including the medical system, education, and the court system; also support direct election of Knesset members instead of the current party system. 

Mifleget HaEzrachim HaVatikim - Senior Citizens Party

Leader: Shalom Amit Saar | Website
Platform:  Party with focus on representing needs and concerns of older citizens of Israel.

Na Nach - Na Nach

Leader: Ilan Bronson | Website
Platform:  Party of members of Breslov Hasidic sect, who are known for adherence to Rabbi Nachman of Uman (and for dancing in the streets).

Ofek Hadash - New Horizon

Leader: Salman Abu Ahmed | Website
Platform:  Centrist party focused on social issues in the Arab-Israeli community, such as housing shortages.

Pashut Ahava - Simply Love

Leader:  Ruth Lillian Weisberger | Website
Platform:  Promotes interfaith cooperation, women rights and peace.

Pitaron LeAza - Gaza Solution

Leader: Shmuel Levi
Party Disqualified by Supreme Court 

Raam - Balad - Arab Union List

Leader: Mansour Abbas | Website
Platform:  Two nationalist Arab parties running as one, focusing on Arab rights.

Shavim - Equals

Leader: Mirit Entebi | Website
Platform:  Supports stronger education in general and special education specifically, which will encourage employment and therefore reduce social gaps. 

Tzomet - Junction

Leader: Oren Hazan | Website
Platform:  Old, nearly defunct party resurrected by flamboyant former Likud Knesset member, Oren Hazan.

Yashar - Straight

Leader: Yuval Carniel | Website
Platform:  A democratic, liberal and humanist party that supports direct election of Knesset members. Moreover, the party proposes to use a smartphone app to get real time feedback from constituents about how the party should decide on legislation and critical Knesset decisions. 

Zechuyoteinu BeKolenu - Our Rights Are Our Voices

Leader: Gil Roter  | Website
Platform:  Improve the status and conditions of employment of the those employed in law enforcement and strengthening the legal system so that the rule of law and public order is achieved.