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Party: BeYachad (Together)
Leader:  Yom Tov Samia
Alignment: Centrist 
Slogan: Authentic Leadership for Israel  
Website: YomTovSamia.co.il 

Party Has Dropped Out of Elections

The BeYahad Party was established by Major General Yom Tov Samia. The party's name is a Hebrew acronym standing for "Security, Jewish-Israeli, Social-Educational and Democratic" and means "together." The party's vision is one in which the State of Israel is a Jewish-democratic state that sanctifies freedom and the rule of law, that includes a solid Jewish majority together with the minorities who have tied their fate with the state and aspires to security and peace within secure and defined borders.



Small party, built on the power of the leader's personality and career in the IDF, with a centrist platform.


Desire to change certain aspects pertaining to the government and rule of law, strengthen democracy, arrive at agreeable solutions to many issues impacting Israel, including religious-secular, cost of living, and peace with neighboring states, among others. 


The party has little chance of gaining a seat in the Knesset. Party's platform is vague and indistinguishable from that of larger centrist parties.