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Party: Achi Yisraeli (Israeli Brothers)
Leader:  Adina Bar-Shalom
Alignment: Centrist 
Slogan: The Connection Between Us is the Story | החיבור הוא הסיפור
Website: AchiIsraeli.org

Party Has Dropped Out of Elections

Achi Yisrael is led by Adina Bar-Shalom an Israeli educator, columnist, and social activist who founded the Haredi College of Jerusalem. Bar-Shalom is also the daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi who was also the founder and spiritual mentor of the Shas political party until his death in 2003.  Achi Yisrael is a centrist party that was initially viewed as the one in which Benny Gantz would attempt to launch his political career.   The party maintains that it is out of great love for Israeli society and belief in "shared good" that they have recruited a diverse group of people who are proud of their identity and respect the identities of others and are willing to work towards common prosperity.



Small party, built on the power of the leader's personality and ability to attract a diverse group of supporters also seeking to improve Israeli society.


Desire to reform all the challenges facing Israel over the next decade, including socio-economic issue, peace with Israel's neighbors, issues related to religion and state, education reform, and strengthening Israel's democracy.


The party has little chance of gaining a seat in the Knesset. Party's platform is vague and indistinguishable from that of larger centrist parties.