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About Israel Votes 

Israel Votes | 2019
A Project of Upstart Ideas
Goal: Educate about, advocate for & connect to Israel

IsraelVotes.com a unique initiative designed to educate about Israel's vibrant democracy through participation in virtual online elections. Israel Votes was first launched 16 years ago during the 2003 elections and was active in both the 2006 as well as the 2009 Israeli national elections. Each time it garnered widespread publicity both in Israel and abroad.

Israel Votes is the brainchild of Upstart Ideas, a Jerusalem-based consultancy which strives to  educate about, advocate for and generate meaningful connection to Israel.

Today, as in the past, schools, organizations and campuses wishing to educate about Israel can get their own branded version of the Israel Votes site, with a dedicated voting page included.  Contact us for details



Israel Votes 2019 is an online celebration of Israeli democracy in action that was started over 16 years ago!


Schools and organizations can get their own branded Israel Votes website and voting application. What better way to educate about Israel's democracy than by learning about the issues, parties and candidates and then casting a vote?

Contact us to learn more.


With 31 parties and hot-topic issues aplenty, there's lots to learn, and to celebrate!